Pet Waste Cleanup


It's can be a dirty job...but someone has to do it! 


We will remove dog waste from your yard, or clean up your cat's litter box. The waste will be placed in a sealed trash bag, and placed in your outside trash can, as part of your curb side trash removal.


Weekly Rates:


1 Time/week

  • 1 dog or cat @ $20.00

  • 2 dogs or cats @ $23.00

  • 3 dogs or cats @ $26.00

  • 4 dogs or cats @ $30.00


If the above is more than you need, we also offer a "Seasonal Cleanup" option. Perhaps you would like to have your yard cleared of dog waste prior to the first snowfall in the late Fall...or before you start mowing your lawn in the Spring! Just give us a call. We will meet with you at your convenience and give you a no obligation price.


The above rates cover up to a 1/4 acre yard. Pricing for larger areas will be determined upon our initial meeting with you.


If your yard (or area around the litter box) has an excessive amount of pet waste, an initial clean-up charge will apply. The amount will be determined upon our initial meeting with you.


You can reach us at