Pet Sitting/Boarding


- Pet Sitting (in your home): Morning, Mid-Day, & Overnight time with your pet


  • Includes:

    • Walking

    • Feeding 

    • Fresh Water

    • Medication

    • Potty break

    • Playing

    • Talking

    • Petting

    • Brushing

    • Bringing in the mail, newspaper, or packages

    • Watering lawn, plants &/or garden

    • Turning lights on/off

    • Open/close curtains &/or blinds

    • Take out/bring in trash &/or recycling


  • Cost:

    • $125.00/Day - for up to 3 Pets!


Have more than 3 pets...Call us to discuss your needs.

We are also available on Holidays!



For Boarding, we offer pet transportation (click here for pricing) to a licensed pet boarding facility.


For example, for Dog Boarding we have a longtime relationship with...and highly recommend!    


  • Four Paws Playground:

    • Crateless boarding &/or daycare


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